How To Choose Sports Watch

A sports watch is a rugged and water resistant wristwatch that has features such as stopwatch, alarm, compass, heat monitor, heart rate monitor, and a thermometer among other unique features. For years now, this watch has been used by sports men and women. They are available in both digital and analogue. With time the watches has advanced and nowadays there are computer based sports watches which offers a person with an added feature called a fitness tracker. With all this choices available in the market, sometimes it can be very hard to choose a sports watch that will make you feel comfortable and still play the role of a sports watch. We have prepared this guide for you in hope that it is going to help choose a sports watch that will be worth your money.

Very many people trains by running and that’s why sport watches for running are on high demand, we will be specializing with how to choose the right running watch. Before we begin looking at things you should consider, it important to understand some of the benefits of a running watch.

Benefits of a running watch.

This watches usually have a fitness tracker and most advanced GPS as well as a heart rate monitor. This are features that are designed to help you make the best out of your exercises. You can personalize and optimize your exercises which will help you greatly improve your performance.

How to choose the best running watch for you.

The best watch for you will depend on different factors such as your training goals, budget, and durability of the watch. Many people has this misconception that the best ones are the most expensive but we can assure you that is not always the case. The best watch for you is not the most expensive, it is the watch that will help you realize your goals.

As time goes by, more watches are having the ability to be paired with your smartphone and with such a feature you can be sure to get notification via calls, texts or emails. Smartwatches of nowadays are having a longer battery operation and they are less likely to fail even in extreme cold or hot conditions. With loads of this watches you can be sure to find an amazing watch at a reasonable price. You should consider the following things when you are buying your running watch:

  • Fitness tracker. One of the first thing you should always consider when you are buying your running watch is the quality of the fitness tracker. Most sport watches comes with a fitness tracker that can do some things such as; count your steps, distance and calories. But if you want to make the best out of your training then we recommend that you get a watch that has the latest technology. A watch that will offer you maximum benefit because it has a longer battery life and a watch that is easy to use. This advanced watches will monitor your heart rate and monitor your sleep too! Consider getting a watch with a more advanced tracker especially if you are a beginner.
  • GPS of the watch. GPS will help you optimize your training because if a watch can be able to accurately know your physical location. It will record your route so that later after you are done with training you can be sure to analyze your cadence, pace and elevation. Choose a watch with the best GPS especially if you are training on hilly terrain because it will give you accurate data which you can used later. The latest sports watches are enabled with GLONASS that makes sure it gives the most accurate data especially to people in Europe.
  • Heart monitor. This watches are capable of recording your heart rate using a chest strap or a wrist band and if you want the best running watch then make sure to buy one with a heart rate monitor. When you know your heart rate you can be able to tailor a more detailed training plan using heart rate zones which will help you boost your speed, fat burn, endurance and strength. More advanced watches will have a monitor that can estimate your maximum oxygen use. This watches are a little bit pricy but a watch with all the three features will be worth your money.

Multi-sport watches

Running is not the only sport in the world, there are other sports such as cycling, swimming, snowboarding, and hiking among others. The multi-sport watches are usually water proof and have specific data of the sport you are going to be participating in. The watches also have the same features as the running watches and they are perfect for outdoor adventures.

Other features that you should consider when buying a sports watch.

The purpose of buying a sports watch is to help you optimize and personalize your training. So if you can get a watch that has more features to help you do that better it will be great. Below are some additional features that you should consider when buying your sports watch.

  • Online interactivity that will allow you to share your data with a training app of your choice.
  • A watch that offers a competitive racing with a virtual partner.
  • A watch that has recovery time calculation.
  • Consider buying a watch that has a customizable training runs and work outs.

How much should I spend on a sports watch?

The price of sport watches ranges from $50 to $600 and you can still find others that costs more than $600. While it is true that the higher the cost the more the features, it is important to consider your budget and the goals of your training. Not every feature will be important to you. Just buy a watch that offers the features you need and avoid spending more money because of unnecessary features. About $200 will get you a sport watch that you need.

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