The top ten sports watch brands

There is no sport that one ventures into these days that does not have an outfit, and so long as there is an outfit that supports a particular field, it goes invariably to mean that there is a matching watch for every sport. Asides these facts, it should be known that there are watches and there are watches. Some watches are bought because they look attractive when you wear them, for those kind of watches, there might be no quality that they add to your looks. However, there are some of those sports watches that people wear on their sports outfit because they speak quality and this is what makes up our top ten sports watch brand.

Top ten sports watch brand

  1. The Timex Ironman 30 Lap: when it comes to those selective kind of watches that their names depict their build and their quality, the Ironman Timex watch is one of them. When you take a first look at the watch, you know deep down that it has the kind of quality that best matches your cute looking outfit and this is not all that the watch has, especially as it comes with some amazing features that determine why you need to have them.

The Timex Ironman watch comes with three different alarms and this is best needed if you know that you are the kind of person that needs a sound system to wake you up in other to keep your respective appointments. Asides this fact, the watch also comes with the arrangement of three different time zones and so you can be certain that this watch would keep you updated, not only about the time in your locality but also the time frame in other zones.

Also, the watch comes with an easily customizable interface that allows you to control how you view your time and date of the month, it also allows you to set your calendar and also the alarm to fixed dates of your life.

As loaded as the watch is, it doesn’t mean that you might need to access a special location to be able to key into its many features, as a matter of fact the watch has so many reviews based on the easy to use interface and also its ability to open every part of its amazing characteristics. In other to add to this, this watch is water proof and so you could use it with any kind of sports- be it swimming, track events, field events and this does not mean that like humans, this watch has to rest. It works 24 hours every week and every time. This watch is sold for exactly $42 on

  • Garmin Forerunner 220: this is regarded as one of the most fashionable and colorful watches meant for sport activities. Many people that have bought the watch bought it because of its ability to help track the effect of their sports on their health and also the ability to track the location of the sporting activities. While this watch goes for $249, it is often said that the watch has the feature to connect with one’s social media account where you can easily share your sporting activities rate and also the effect of your sports on your heartbeat rate.
  • Polar FT7: This watch being on the number three of our list of best watches for sports is meant for gym goers and those that like to monitor the effect of their workout sessions on their sport activities. This watch has the effect of making you note how much calories you might have burned and also the maximum that your heart should have while you work out and also after you might have worked out. Many people that have reviewed this watch have stated that this watch is meant for cross training sessions and daily exercise activities. This watch can be gotten at an average of $119 and it is worth every last penny spent on it
  • Suunto Ambit 2: this watch is one of those many watches that were created with the sportsman in mind. It comes with a GPS feature that is in a class of its own and also the feature that makes it easy for one to tell the functioning rate of the heart. It is most suitable for people who want to have a rare experience when they carry out their sporting activity, including understanding the effect of their workout sessions. The watch has the ability to connect with other tech savvy suunto products and also the ability to be charged while it functions on every 24 hours stretch of time.
  • Nike+ Sportwatch GPS: everyone knows that when it comes to awesome products, especially as they relate with sporting activities, Nike is one of the best brands in the world that one can count on. It is suitable for those who are keen on keeping up with their tracking activities and what is more is the fact that it can upload the details of your sporting activities over different computer devices. Sportsmen can also set goals with this watch too.
  • Casio PAW1500-1V ‘Pathfinder’: When it comes to the kind of sport watch that comes with all of the best features that you might ever want in a watch, then you can bank on the Casio pathfinder watch which comes with personalized features for the best sporting experience.
  • Polar V800: The polar watch comes with the best design that you have not seen in common sport watches. It also comes with a well studded pack of features that is most suitable for people who would love to spend some quality time at the gym.
  • Tom Tom Multi-Sport: asides the awesome look of the watch, it comes with the best heart beat feature and customized services options for your sporting convenience. If you are ever looking for that watch that allows you to set goals that you would love to meet with your physical fitness activities. Then you need not look at further, this is the watch for you.
  • Garmin Swim: The Garmin swimmer’s watch has the best waterproof option for all swimmers, and so it doesn’t matter how long you spend trying to build your physical fitness in the water. This watch has got you covered.
  • Mio Alpha: this is about the most tech savvy watch that anyone can ever find around. It has almost all of the options of a watch that can be called a smart sport watch. If you ever need to see results in a short space of time, this is the watch that you need to look out for.

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