Pros And Cons Of Buying A Sports Watch.

Sports watches are becoming popular and popular. They have a lot of things to offer and many people are loving them because of how convenient they are and how they help them personalize and optimize their exercises. But they are not perfect. Just like everything else in the world, sports watches have their pros and cons. This is why we have decided to discuss the pros and cons of this watches and we hope that this information will help you make informed decision when considering buying a sports watch, either for you or for your loved one.

Pros of buying a sports watch.

  • Quick access to notifications. The primary function of a watch is showing time but with a smart watch you get way more than knowing time. A sports watch can be connected to your smartphone and it will give you quick access to notifications from platforms such as Facebook. You can read the notification directly from the screen of your smartwatch. You don’t have to pick your phone to get access to your notifications.
  • You can never miss your calls. When you are busy on the streets because of all the noise in town, it is very possible that you can miss a phone call because of not hearing your phone vibrating from the pocket. But with a sports watch there is no way you are going to miss. I mean how can you fail to feel a vibration from your wrist? You will be notified about who is calling from the screen of the sports watch and you can decide to pick or ignore the call. It works the same if a person texts you. You can decide to reply or you can choose to ignore.
  • You can receive personalized info and a sports watch can track your health. Sports watches are very important to people who are exercising. A sports watch will allow you to draft a well detailed work out plan by providing you with data such as counting the steps that you can exercise in order to meet your daily objectives. It will analyze how much you sleep and show it to you every day. This will help you make some necessary adjustments to your sleeping time.
  • You can make calls and send text messages using a sports watch. The volume of a sports watch is usually low so if you are in a noisy place it’s not advisable to make a call. You might end up missing some important details from the call. On the other hand texting using a sports watch is super easy. You can reply to important text messages at your own convenience.
  • You can listen to music and watch videos. If you are comfortable watching a movie in a small screen then a sports watch has got you covered. You can watch the whole avengers end game movie for three hours without any problem. You can connect earphones and listen to music as you are running through the streets.
  • Sports watches are more stylish. Unlike the normal watches that you are used to, sports watches can change the watch face each and every day. You don’t have to get stuck with one boring dial face. You can have a new watch face each every day.
  • Navigation. If you are an adventurer you will definitely enjoy having a sports watch. Their GPS have wider coverage compared to many smartphones. It is also more convenient compared to use of smartphones.

Cons of sports watches.

  • Sports watches have a limited battery life. This is one of the major disadvantage of this sports watches. Unlike the normal watches which batteries last for weeks, the batteries of sports watches can’t even last for 3 days. Some of them can’t even last for a day! When you are buying a watch in most cases your intention is to wear it every day. How will you feel when you wake up the next morning only to find that your watch is dead? I mean the battery not the whole watch. It will be very inconvenient and even the sleep monitor will not be able to provide accurate information. This leaves you with no other choice but to charge the battery each and every day.
  • Sometimes the sports watches provides inaccurate data. Sports watches provides a lot of data regarding your fitness and exercises but research shows that this information is not actually 100 percent accurate. The best of the best of this watches provides about 80 percent of accurate data. The heart rate monitor is the most affected but even the step calculator sometimes provides inaccurate data. Maybe with time the companies will manufacture watches with a better feedback and analyzes the data accurately.
  • The screen is very small. We get notifications each and every day and it might be kind of boring staying glued to such a small screen reading and replying the texts. And for watching movies it can get really uncomfortable watching a full length movie from such a small screen and you might end up thinking that the movie is boring. How can you even read subtitles from such a small screen?
  • Sports watches gets outdated easily. Just like smartphones this sports watches gets outdated very fast. You can’t be with a sports watch even for a year before another better version is released.
  • They are expensive. If you want a decent sports watch with all the features then you better be prepared to spend. Considering how they get outdated easily using so much money on a sports watch might be an unnecessary cost.
  • The bands get damaged if they constantly interact with water. The sports watches are water proof and no one is denying that fact. But the ugly truth is that the bands get damaged pretty easily with continued water interaction. You will be forced to buy other bands or straps to continue wearing your watch every day.

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