Best Sport Watches of 2019

Someone once said that as life evolves, one thing that keeps changing is change in itself. It is funny how watches can also evolve. The watches that we use for sporting activities as at the last seven years are quite different from what is in vogue at the current point in time. Ever since the year 2017, there has been a different evolution in the world of watches and it is the renaissance of smart watches, and these smart watches are so called because of the ability to juxtapose a bit of the recent development in the world of technology with the typicality that comes with sporting watches. In the year 2019, a lot of watch producers have utilized the recent creation in the smart world to create something that would change the experience of people with their incessant demand for sports watches. This brings us to the best smart watches of the year 2019

Best Sport Watches of 2019

Garmin Forerunner 25: the Garmin forerunner is one of the recent technologies created by the producers of the Garmin watches. Far from the typical trend, this watch comes with an awesome design that makes you want to put it on whenever it is that you want to indulge your regular fitness activity. It comes with all of the best features that makes it one of the most demanded watches in the sporting world. The watch comes with a battery life feature that lasts up to ten hours on a daily basis and this simply connotes that asides your sporting activities, it is the kind of watch that you can also wear when you want to go out on your amazing dates. The watch comes with the option of helping to check out your calories level, your heart beat rate and also how well you are doing with your sporting activities.

A lot of people say that not all sport watches are water resistant and so you are limited when it comes to making use of those watches. This is not the case for the Garmin forerunner 25 as it comes with an amazing water resistant feature that allows you to delve into the swimming activity that you always want crave. The watch also has the Bluetooth feature that allows you to share how well you are doing with your sporting activities with other sports persons and friends and this is one of the many added features that you would find in the modern day smart sports watch.

Asides all these amazing features, the watch also has some of its downside and these includes the fact that it does not have the smartphone notification feature and this is not farfetched from the fact that it is only a sports watch and not a social gadget. It also allows you to keep track on your fitness, but does not have the feature of checking on the accuracy of your heart beat rate. Asides that, it has the awesome features that makes it one of the most demanded watches on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS): Luxury is one of the features about Apple devices that everyone knows their products for. Asides this, many people feel that there is nothing that a regular sports watch can do, that makes the Apple Watch series spectacular, but the truth is that most people that think this way are very wrong. The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with the battery option that lasts up to 18 hours and that is about the same feature that many smartphones have, and this is the more reason why asides sports, you would find people using this watch to their offices and also on their most cherished dates.

Also, while other watches have the water resistant feature, there is a limited amount of depth in water that every resistant watch can reach before the water affects them, but this watch comes with the feature that allows you to go as deep as 165 feet in the water while the watch continues in its functionality. The watch also comes with an awesome smartphone notification that keeps you up to date about the happenings on your social media pages and also the ability to connect with other sportsmen utilizing the awesomeness of the Apple products.

What is more is that the watch also comes with an amazing Bluetooth feature that allows you to share your sporting records with people around you. This way you can easily set records on the watch and also break the records in which you have set while you share them with your competing friends. The watch also allows you to monitor the efficiency of your heart and this is what makes the watch a unique blend of quality and sportsmanship.

Runtopia Sport watch Series: The runtopia series is by far one of the most sort after watches of the year 2019. It might interest you to know that one of the reasons why people love this watch is because of the battery life of the watch which could last for about 25 days when you charge it to the fullest. What is more is the fact that the watch can also function alongside its awesome music player. The watch has an amazing Bluetooth feature which makes sporting activities amazing. It also comes with the smartphone notification feature and also the heart rate monitoring feature. The watch has the GPS mode option and this option allows you to make use of the other features while you continue with your sporting activities. The little downside with this watch is that while you run the GPS mode with the use of the other features of the watch, the battery life could last only for six hours, but this is only a little downside to the many other awesome features that comes with the watch.

Also, for a watch in its caliber, one would expect that it would it would cost quite a huge ransom to purchase it, but it is one of the most affordable sport watches that you will find around.

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