Best Sport Watches for Women

Sports watches asides from their many awesome features have the big looking designs and builds and for this reason they are more suitable for men and not for women. It is just like in all other common watches, it is easy to discern that a watch is meant for a man when it looks big, and this is as opposed to those which are majorly used by women based on their small looking size. Many people have a cliché thought when it comes to the sports watches which are meant for women and this thought revolves around the color that those watches have. The truth is that while it is cute to have a pink colored watch on a woman’s wrist, not all women love the pink color and so it might not be so right to say that a pink colored watch is the kind of watch that women love for their sporting activities.

The sport watches that women love depends on the ease of usage, the looks of the watch, the convenience that the watch gives the woman that uses it and also what the woman wants.

Best Sport Watches for Women

Garmin Vivoactive 3: The Garmin vivoactive 3 is one of the most recommendable watches when it comes to sporting activities for women. This is because of its look which is smart and light weighted for a woman to put on her wrist. The watch also comes with a cute looking barometer which allows you to keep track on your progress in your sporting activity. The watch is also scratch resistant as most women are prone to accidental situations when it comes to working out and doing many outdoor exercises. The watch comes with the kind of color that allows it to absorb a little scratch which does not affect the awesome look of the watch.

Generally, the watch is more suitable for outdoor activities and also adventures and this is the more reason why the watch is more suitable for women. One feature that makes this watch suitable for women also is the price range in which the watch falls under. It is quite affordable and highly recommendable for women who would love people to know where it is that they are working out for the day.

What is more with this watch is the fact that while you do all of your outdoor exercises, the watch allows you to monitor your heart rate from your wrist, and so it takes away the need to having a chest strap for that purpose. There are different colors that this watch comes in and this is one of the reasons why people love this watch for their sporting activities.

One thing that makes this watch totally unique is the ability to customize and personalize of the features that you find on it and given the fact that most women love taking amazing pictures, this watch comes with the option of making your picture the first thing you see when using the watch. The watch can also be used on both hands

The watch has a live tracking option that allows you to share your location with people, especially your loved ones and friends via the use of the email link that can be generated on the watch.

This watch also comes with the feature that allows you to either store music on the phone and play while you work out, or stream live music from a Verizon account. Hence, this watch while being a sports watch can also serve as a smart device that serves you all of the amazing needs of a gadget. This watch allows you to play songs that you love on a headset while you do your sporting activities and it has the ability to store up to about 500 different songs which could also be watched on the device.

Garmin Forerunner 45S:  while there are many other watches that are suitable for women, the Garmin forerunner 45S watch is one of the best GPS tracking sports watch that many women love. Given that most women have their wrists looking thin, this watch comes in two different sleek sizes that allows women to place the watch adorably on their wrists.

This watch is unique in the sense that it tracks your fitness activities. From your steps to your workout sessions, down to your sleep and stress level. It also has the feature that allows you to set daily goals while you work on your physical wellness. The thin and amazing physical features that the watch has are part of the reasons why the watch is considered one of the best sport watches for women.

The watch comes with a colored screen that makes exercising fashionable. It also comes with an amazing 13 hours battery life and a light weight that makes it less tedious to carry the watch around.

Unlike other sports watches, the watch comes with a safety functionality that allows you to use the GPS option on the watch to contact friends and family members when there is an accident. Sometimes also, the watch automatically sends a message to a loved one when it is noticed that you crashed while doing one of your numerous exercises. The GPS device also enables you to send out your location to people who would love to join you for your sporting activity.

Garmin Forerunner 25: when it comes to the women sports watch that allows you to keep track on your field and track events, this watch is one of those many under $100 watches that women need to have in their store. It helps you to count the number of steps that you take per day and also allows you to set daily goals which would aid you to meet your workout targets on a daily basis.

The watch also comes with a synchronization that allows you to get notified for all your social activities and also those notifications that come over your phone. It is an amazing pick also because of its light weight on the wrist of a woman.

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