Best Luxury Sport Watches.

Unlike listing best luxury watches, this category needs to be explained. Or do you really know what a luxury sport watch means? There is still no clear definition for luxury sport watches but I can assure you luxury sport watches are not the same thing as luxury watches. According to me a luxury sport watch is a watch that helps you get the most out of your training and it’s comfortable enough to be worn on daily bases. A luxury sport watch should be water resistant and should be durable. In addition to that a luxury sport watch should have some class and quality which usually comes at a price. Different brands makes this type of watches and below are some of the best luxury sport watches that you can find in the market.

  1. RAISSER WHITE GOLD. This elegant and perfect sport watch is an excellent choice for men. It is super cute and its water proof so you can be sure to continue with your training exercises even if the rain catches up with you. You won’t believe that such an elegant watch will cost you only 4250 Indian rupees. I mean just the look is enough to make you think that it costs over 5500 rupees! In addition to its elegant look it is shock resistant, water resistant, have a diver, displays a couple of time zones and not forgetting its LED display. With this watch your training will be even more fun.
  2. MEGIR LUXURY WATCH ML2098. Megir is a legendary brand and it is known for making watches of high quality. This military sports men analog Quartz chronograph leather sport watch is no different. It is of high quality and you can be sure to find it on online stores at a very affordable price (2897 Indian rupees). The watch comes with a multi-functional timer and it is water proof. It is a perfect choice for your sporting activities and everything about it is perfect. Their batteries last for long,, its classy and it is a perfect choice for men. Buy your husband or boyfriend this watch and I assure you he will treasure it and the respect he has for you will even increase. The watch is scratch resistant so you can be sure that it will continue maintaining its cute and awesome look. Its stylish appearance will make you admirable to many and its high-end leather strap is more than comfortable.
  3.  GRAY GOLD: OTS MENS WATCH DIGITAL SPORTS WATCH. Going for only 5856 Rupees this watch is simply the best luxury watch. The watch is water resistant and comes with features such as; repeater, more than one time zone so you can be sure to know the time zones of your friends from other countries before making a call to them, LED display, Auto date, Calendar, Alarm, and back light. With such amazing features and the quality of this watch it easily outranks the rest. It is very comfortable to wear and the straps are anti allergic to anyone so you can be sure of comfort during your exercises. You can buy this watch from the online stores as a gift to your loved one or you can buy it for you. You got to treat yourself sometimes right? Buying yourself this luxury sport watch will be a thing that you will always remember.
  4. AQUAASIAN SANDA 289. You don’t have to spend thousands of rupees to get a luxurious sport watch. This watch will only cost you 1349 rupees but I can assure you it is as luxurious as the expensive watches I have discussed and it is of the highest quality. It is shock resistant and has a superb ABS plastic case as well as a chrome steel back which makes sure that the watch is sturdy and tough. The watch is water resistant so you have nothing to worry about if you are caught up in the rain while you are running or hiking. If you are a swimmer you can be sure to use your timer even when you are under water. Its strap is very comfortable and it is environment friendly making it a perfect choice for you. It has more than one time zone and its highly transparent resin glass makes the watch even more beautiful.
  5. MEGIR LUXURY WATCH 2028. Another Megir product which you can be sure that it is of the highest quality. The leather straps are very friendly to your skin and it has a very strong performance. The straps are wear resistant so you can be sure of it lasting long. The mineral reinforced mirror and the classic stylish appearance never goes out of fashion. It has a multifunctional timer and it is water resistant. You can find this luxury sport watch for just 2899 Indian rupees from the online stores like amazon.
  6. SKMEI DIGITAL WHITE WATCH 1335 GOLD. Skemei has an option where they provide you with best luxury watches and you can chose from the varieties. I have to say that this watch is the best. It is an all-weather watch and it is made of stainless steel. This is for you who is looking for a simple but luxurious sport watch. Just like all the watches we have mentioned above, this Skmei digital watch is also water resistant. It comes with features like alarm and backlight. And can you imagine that you ca get this luxury sport watch for just 764 Indian rupees and the shipping is free if you buy from


Luxurious sport watches are not the same as luxurious watches. Luxury in in sport watches is determined by how less it will inconvenient you during your training and how it will help you achieve your goals. Sometimes price adds some quality to that watch making it even more luxurious.

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