Best features for a sports watch

Anyone who buys a new watch buys a statement. A watch is always an expression of one’s own personality. Whether elegant or sporty, hip or classic. In the past, watches were just ordinary fashion accessories, a way to read the time, in the best case, the date, and that’s it. Later, additional features such as an analog stopwatch or a ring for adjusting the dive time have been added for special models. With digitalization came the technological revolution. Perpetual calendars, several stopwatches, time zone settings, even a calculator were found on various watches in the 1980s. Meanwhile, the sports watches have become great pieces, which thanks to built-in processors and connection to several other features have become a classic material for all sports men and women today.

A watch is a very important complement for most people. Beyond marking the time, a sports watch should answer design and elegance questions, but also be up to the expectations on all occasions. Within the world of sports, more and more people are always looking for sports models of watches that can accompany them in their daily activities. As a result, below are some of the best features for a sports watch:

1. Strap

The watch is synonymous with fashion and elegance. Even the sporting one reflects these characteristics, although it is not comparable to the luxury ones. When buying a sports watch, there are so many features to consider. First of all, we must take into account the materials of the strap: perfect are those in steel, with a more sporty and less serious appearance. These are models produced as an alternative to those in leather, which are more resistant and therefore, indestructible. The steel straps are also very water resistant and therefore particularly suitable for those who practice water sports. On the market, many brands offer this type of straps at attractive prices. The nylon strap is also very sporty, a trend that has spread, especially in recent years, a fresh and cheeky type that is especially suitable for casual wear. It is an inexpensive material whose strap can easily be replaced. It is also possible to take into consideration the rubber straps, especially intended for sportsmen: it is, in fact, a very popular material because it is soft and resistant.

2. Chronograph

Another feature to consider is the chronograph, an essential element of the best models of sports watches because of the additional performance it allows to obtain. The chronograph watches, in addition to showing the exact time, are equipped with three small circles inside the dial, with as many hands. These allow you to measure exact periods, continuous or fractionated. In other words, such a watch also functions as a chronometer and is therefore particularly recommended for those who practice sport. The various indications on the display can be accessed using the side buttons. Also to be assessed is the presence of the calendar or a numerical indicator on the dial indicating the date and day.

3. Water resistance

Obviously, if what you are going to practice is a water sport, you will need a sports watch that is very resistant to the environment. Look closely at this feature, since although most tend to carry the typical “water resistant” label, then they are not, so be sure to choose a specialized product.

Also, the underwater feature is very popular, i.e., the possibility of taking baths in the sea or in the pool, showers, and swimming without any risk. It is certainly a strong point, an added value that makes a sports watch more interesting. In fact, they are able to withstand not only water but also water pressure. However, these watches must have characteristics that allow them to be used in atmospheric conditions such as in both fresh and salt water. The best materials, in this case, are undoubtedly steel and plastic.

4. Readability

What good is a watch that stays dry but cannot be read? A high-contrast display, large numbers, and the ability to be seen in the dark are all key features for a sports support device.

To date, the majority of sports watches are equipped with numerous technological functions that allow complete and functional use, but we advise you to observe the dials well before proceeding with the purchase. A dial that is too small and a watch that cannot be easily consulted can slow you down or get you in the wrong moment. And this must not happen.

5. Special functions

Depending on your needs, you need to consider other factors taking into account that there are many features that a watch offers today. There are very special models, the so-called fitness watches, equipped with multiple functions to monitor sleep, heart rate or calories burned in a day: it is a suitable accessory for sports looks and intended for those who want to keep their state of well-being under control. The price of sports watches is very variable and is the result of the materials used and the functions offered. On the market today, it is possible to find watches of all bands able to satisfy every kind of customer.

6. Battery duration

This is a very important feature if you do not want to lose your saved routine before finishing it. Its best to always test it a little in order to determine if it would be helpful to you.

 7. Altimeter and barometer

This type of watch is especially important for cyclists. With barometers or altimeters, a sports watch can determine with much more accuracy, the variation of altitude during an exercise – something that apps with connection to the GPS already do, but with a margin of error. Road cyclists and people competing in races with many climbs can find in this feature a great ally during training.

In conclusion, the watch represents an indispensable accessory in everyday life. Buying a sports wristwatch is quite difficult as there are many variants and models on the market. So choosing the sports watch that best suits your style and needs is not easy at all. To this end, the features highlighted above would be of great importance to you.

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