Why should you use an AMOLED Wallpaper? (Article)

amoled screen iphone

AMOLED, also known as active-matrix organic light emitting diode is a very popular display technology. You can encounter it on mobile devices, smart watches, TVs and even some laptops. What makes it great is the fact that it replaces the regular LED with a thin film that has organic compounds and these create the electroluminescent materials.
Simply put, AMOLED is a very good, efficient display technology that allows you to get pristine visuals and you can encounter it on iPhones as well as some of the latest Android smartphones too. In fact, AMOLED is extremely popular because it’s known to offer a much better and certainly more vibrant visual technology which in the end leads to a pristine set of visuals.

What are AMOLED Wallpapers?
AMOLED Wallpapers are wallpapers created specifically for AMOLED screens. These can work on other devices too, but they are designed to protect and also save the battery life of your device. AMOLED Wallpapers are known to reduce the power use with around 40%, all thanks to the uniqueness of AMOLED displays.

At the same time, these wallpapers can use a vibrant set of colors, and that means you will not have to worry about a lack of colors here. On the contrary, AMOLED Wallpapers tend to use more black to save battery life and eliminate the need for more power.
Despite the focus on specific colors, AMOLED Wallpapers still look amazing, and they do tend to bring in front some unique and rather outstanding features. These wallpapers help the screen emit light without generating a lot of heat. There is almost no energy loss, and that leads to a much better efficiency.

Plus, the AMOLED screens don’t require backlighting, and this also leads to less power consumption. And since the colors are strictly chosen to focus on great visuals and quality, results are always more than ok when you use a dedicated AMOLED Wallpaper.

Should you use AMOLED Wallpapers? Why AMOLED is better than LCD ?
Absolutely, the primary benefit is that you can save up to 40% battery life when compared to a regular LCD screen wallpaper. By installing a dedicated wallpaper app for AMOLED displays, you will get to have amazing colors, incredible visuals and you will eliminate the need to have a constant battery life issue regardless of the situation.
AMOLED Wallpapers can help you beautify your device’s homescreen without any problem. It’s a great way to make your smartphone’s screen look great without having any negative impact on the battery life. In fact, by using AMOLED Wallpapers, you get to save battery life, all thanks to the unique color spectrum used by these wallpapers.
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